Kit's Portfolio

A responsive, interactive summary of my work.

About Me: A Visualised Resumé

To see my more traditional resumé made in LaTeX, click here.

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Traditional resumé's are nice, but even at their best they run the risk of being monotonous and hard to read. By turning my resumé into an infographic, the most important information is made meaningful and easy to read.

UQ Style Guide

The living style guide was built with web components to ensure UI components are encapsulated to achieve reliable look and feel.

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Aboriginal Languages of Queensland, Australia

Indigenous voices makes available rare, archival recordings of Indigenous languages of Queensland, Australia. The project was part of a grant provided by the Queensland Government to the University of Queensland Library.

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The project has digitised, identified, and consulted with Indigenous communities to ensure access for:

  • Indigenous community members
  • descendants of those whose languages were recorded
  • students
  • researchers, and
  • the public.

First Five

The first moments of a baby’s life are crucial, and mostly joyous moments, however what are you meant to do when things don’t go as planned?

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  • Helps you remember the critical steps in the first 5 minutes of childbirth
  • Prompts you with each step in the right timeline, based on the official BC Medical Guidelines
  • Built responsively and mobile-first, also available for Android

Not One in the Crowd: Personalised Student Feedback System

Not One in the Crowd was a project designed to improve learning outcomes in today's world of growing classroom sizes. In the old model, students study, fill out a test, and receive nothing more than a grade for their efforts.

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The new education paradigm is much more personal. Students receive feedback on each one of their answers within the test, explaining where they went wrong, or confirming why the answer was correct.

Project VIA: A Physical Computing Exhibit

VIA, or Virtual Immersive Adventure, was a game where people are placed in front of a giant screen which displays a panorama of a particular city. Players use a toy boat and a ferrofluid compass to navigate the clues and attempt to guess where they are in the world.

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OnTarget: An eHealth Actionable Intelligence Application

To see how this application works, log in with:
Username: Mithila
Password: mithila1

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OnTarget was a project designed to integrate with the established medical infrastructure and improve patient outcomes by visualising blood tests. The contents of our blood can tell us a lot about our health, so why not get to know what's really going on with our health, and understand how to improve our lives?

In addition to the implementation and research behind OnTarget, I wrote a business plan and pitched the project to a handful of VC's, but have yet to find the right people to help make this project a reality.